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The Lautergold tradition dates back to the year 1734. This beverage company for spirits was founded on the basis of a family-run 'alchemy factory' over 275 years ago.
The herbs, roots and wild fruits of the Ore Mountain region have always been the basis for most of the company’s products. To this very day herbal as well as fruit liqueurs are made from these high quality natural resources.

The production portfolio encompasses over 40 different varieties of spirits and liqueurs.

The company’s products are produced for export or trade and meet the highest quality standards. Lautergold products are listed in all well-known retail organizations in Germany today and the goal is to grow now also internationally.

A small spirits museum has been integrated in the company premises to show this history-charged background to customers. Over 1,000 tour buses visit the company every year to experience these historical backgrounds.

Lautergold is a big employer in the Ore Mountain region, who is committed to a strict quality philosophy.

Lautergold Tradition 1734
Foundation of
the parent company
Schubert as a family
of alchemists
Lautergold Tradition 18 Jahrhundert
19th Century
Preparation of elixirs
and homespun remedies,
the manufacture of spirits
was started
Lautergold 1972
Compulsory buyout of the
Schubert family, rebranding
as VEB Getränkewerk
Reprivatization as
Lautergold Paul Schubert GmbH
and modernization of the
production facilities
Lautergold 1990
275th anniversary of
the company Traditional
Art of Drink Making
since 1734
Lautergold Jubiläum
Manufacture of
top-quality spirits in the
Erz Mountains
Brennerei des Jahres 2017

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